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Wildlife operation conducted by Protected Resources Division members on 10.11.2017 at Windhoek West at 0920hrs; two men (20 and 25) were arrested for Possession and Dealing in controlled wildlife product (c/sec.4 (1) (a) (b)of Controlled wildlife products and Trade Act, Act 9/2008).

He was found with one live pangolin valued at N$ 50 000.00. Police investigation continues.

On 10.11.2017 at about 16:30 on the Windhoek/Hosea Kutako International Airport main road about 5km from the airport. A 26 year old woman Natacha Ferreira Alves died instantly after she was bumped by a vehicle while crossing the road.

It is alleged that the deceased was with her father and her boyfriend and they just arrived in Namibia as tourists from Portugal. From the airport the spotted a tortoise crossing the road and they stopped and disembarked to have a look.

On 10/11/2017 at 10h00 at Oshiveli Dry Mini market at Ondiiyala location in Ondangwa; it is alleged that the suspect hit the complainant against the wall and threatened to killing her with iron bar.

He demanded the safe key which he did not get but managed to remove recharge vouchers worth N$700-00, a Sumsug galaxy j3 cellphone valued at N$4780-00, a Hisense cellphone valued at N$1600-00 and cash N$3685-00.

On 10/11/2017 at about 20: 30 on the B1 road between Mariental and Keetmanshoop +/- 55 km from Mariental; it is alleged that the driver of a white Mercedes-Benz carrying two passengers bumped a cattle and the driver lost control of the vehicle.

One passenger sustained serious injuries and was rushed to Mariental State Hospital. The trio are South African nationals. Police investigation continues.


On 11/11/ 2017 around 00:20 at Bersig; a 35 year old man was arrested after his vehicle, a white Nissan double cap was stopped and searched. He was found in possession of a full and a half parcel of cannabis in the vehicle. The value and weight still to be determine, police investigation continues.

Police Success Police Success

Two suspects were arrested this afternoon 1400hrs at Okuryangava