Ryidia Cloete (15) - December 2017 Ryidia Cloete (15) - December 2017

Help in tracing the missing person Ryidia Cloete (15)

Apolonia Mpingana Sheehama 27 yrs old more

Johannses Katuzuva is Otjiherero 51 years old

Li-Inn Banadeth Van Wyk 17 September 2017 Li-Inn Banadeth Van Wyk 17 September 2017

Ms. Li-Inn Banadeth Van Wyk 29 years old

Missing person - November 2017 Missing person - November 2017

 Apolonia Mpingana Sheehama 27 years old Namibian

Imelda Ngairo (15-year-old) is an Otjiherero speaking person

NIKLAS DE Klerk, a 59 years old Namibian male

Mr Ismail Swartbooi @ /Khabu, Mr Ismail Swartbooi @ /Khabu,

Windhoek Police Station is requesting for public assistance in tracing the whereabouts of Mr Ismail Swartbooi @ /Khabu, 66 years old, who went missing in July 2010 from his residence at 8ste Laan, at Otjomuise Location, in Windhoek.

Sharon is still missing Sharon is still missing

The Public is requested to assist in tracing the whereabouts of Sharon Ndatega Wasserfall More...

Help in tracing Gartha Help in tracing Gartha

The Public is requested to assist in tracing the whereabouts of Swaartbooi Gawain Garth More...

Jackobus Andreas De Wee Jackobus Andreas De Wee

The Namibian Police Force is requesting the public to assist in tracing the whereabouts of Jackobus Andreas De Wee (60) who went missing in Windhoek. He was last seen on 25th November 2019 at Mix settlement in Windhoek. More...

Missing Person Missing Person


Missing Person on circulation

No Full Name Date of Birth ID No. Gender Station Date Complete Recovered Town Cancellation Date Form Type
1 Gcao Cem 1962-07- 29 62072900255 Female Tsumkwe Police Station 2014-08- 19 N/A N/A CIRCULATION
2 Martha Kambweshe 1989-10- 26 89102600838 Female Oshakati Police Station 2014-04- 03 Oshakati State Hospi... 2014-04-03 CANCELLED
3 Shemukalena Martin Kandume N/A 70030300851 Male Luderitz Police Station 2014 -03-07 N/A N/A CIRCULATION
4 Sesh Abraham 1987-10- 15 78101500170 Male Aroab Police Station 2014-03- 04 N/A N/A CIRCULATION