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Requesting for public assistance Requesting for public assistance

The Namibian Police Serious Crime Unit in Windhoek is requesting for public assistance or for any person who may have any information about the identity of the taxi driver who on Saturday (07 May 2016) at about 20h00, nearby Stop & Shop Bottle Store in Okuryangava shoot at three (3) male persons who jumped from his moving taxi and ran into the opposite houses.

The Namibian Police have learned that, the three men were picked up at the mini traffic cycle close to Sam Nuuyoma Sports Stadium in Dorlam Location, and they found the taxi driver with one male passenger in the vehicle.

At the time of the incident, there were five occupants (all males) in the taxi including the driver, and when the three (3) men (all whom were picked at the mini traffic cycle in Dorlam) jumped from the taxi and started running, the driver remained with one passenger in his vehicle while shooting at the running men.

We are requesting for the taxi driver himself or the passenger who was in the taxi at the time of the incident to contact the Namibian Police Serious Crime Unit Commander Detective Chief Inspector Sackaria Amakali at 061-2094302, or on mobile number 0813658404, or the nearest Police Station.

False sms False sms


The Namibian Police Force have noted with concern about an Sms currently in circulation, allegedly from the Namibian Police, warning the public to refrain from taking/responding to calls from a certain number (0812127879).

The Sms is written in Oshiwambo language, and when loosely translated states as follows:

“ Urgent announcement, if you receive a call from the number 0812127829 don’t answer it, because it belongs to Maria from a Government of Satan, who is trying to call people in order to suck their blood until they die. Don’t answer it, because 25 people have answered it and all of them have died, share the message with your friends and family, from the Namibian Police Force 10111”.

The Namibian Police Force distances itself from this Sms, and thus would like to inform the public that, the Sms is false, misleading and devoid of any truth.

The Sms is not from the Namibian Police Force, and none of the contents contained in the Sms are truthful, it is deliberately being circulated to cause unnecessary panic amongst the public, thus the public must ignore and discard it.

NAMPOL is currently busy with investigations into the matter to determine from where the Sms emanated from, and the person who started circulating the Sms.

Thus, we urge all the public members that whoever is circulating the Sms should stop it, and whoever already received it should ignore and discard it as a false alarm.

Response to the alleged disappearance of Mr. Kangongo Response to the alleged disappearance of Mr. Kangongo

Namibian Police Force response to the alleged disappearance of Mr. Retief Kangongo of Caprivi Concern Group
The Namibian Police Force noted with concern the allegations made in a press release statement dated Monday, 02 May 2016, and further front paged in the Namibian Newspaper edition of Friday, 06 May 2016, by one Edwin Samati who identify himself as Secretary General for a certain group that identify itself by the name of Caprivi Concern Group.

The press statement and the article claim that, a certain Mr. Retief Kangongo, the Deputy Chairperson of the Caprivi Concern Group mysteriously went missing since the morning of Saturday, 30 April 2016, allegedly after their group leaders were threaten by the Inspector-General of the Namibian Police Force, further claiming that the Inspector-General of the Namibian Police and others should be held accountable for his disappearance.
After this allegations were made, despite the fact that none of the family members neither the Caprivi Concern Group visited any Police Station to lay formal charges for the missing person, the Namibian Police Force out of public interest undertook to investigate the matter, and here below is our findings;

  • Mr. Retief Kangongo spend the last two weeks of April 2016 at Divundu, at a family house owned by his cousin. 
  • A mobile phone (cellphone) of a certain resident in their neighbourhood (at Divundu) went missing, and him (Mr. Kangongo) was then implicated in a theft of the cellphone, thus resulting in his family that was accommodating him putting him out of their house.
  • As a result, he went to live with a friend (Teacher by profession) still in Divundu, where he spend two days, and left on Friday, 29 April 2016 allegedly onroad to Windhoek to attend an interview.
  • Namibian Police Force investigations revealed that, Mr. Retief Kangongo never travelled to Windhoek on that day, but rather on that same Friday (29 April 2016), Mr. Retief Kangongo (N/Male, 37 years of age) completed an immigration control form at Muhembo Border Post, between Kavango East and Botswana and exited the country into Botswana. (see a completed immigration departure form completed by Mr. Retief Kangongo on Friday, 29 April 2016, send to your emails)  

The Namibian Police investigations into the matter confirmed that, Mr. Retief Kangongo never went missing, neither mysteriously disappeared as claimed in the press release statement and the article in the Namibian newspaper. The alleged Caprivi Concerned Group just ran to the media without due diligence of consulting Mr. Kangongo himself or his family.
He was at all material times within the comfort and company of his family until he voluntarily exited the country on Friday, 29 April 2016 and went to Botswana.
The allegations made in the press release statement are unfounded, devoid of any truth and factually false.
The whole story is false, and was made with actual knowledge of falsity and recklessness, with a malicious intention to harm the reputation of the Inspector-General of the Namibian Police Force and the Namibian Police Force.

It was really an irresponsible statement from the Caprivi Concern Group, and the Namibian Police would like to warn that such a statement has the potential to seed doubt and mistrust, and erode public confidence in the Namibian Police Force.
We therefore warn those behind the so called press release by Caprivi Concern Group to refrain and desist from such statements in the future, and learn to respect the personality rights and reputation of individuals, it was an unwarranted attack on the person of the Inspector-General of the Namibian Police Force.