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Gobabis - Theft:

On 02/05/2017 at an unknown time, Gobabis, a known suspect (security guard) stole an amount of N$262 000.00 that belongs to “Die Plaaskombuis” Store after he failed to deposit the money at FNB. It is alleged that the suspect was allegedly dropped off at the bank to deposit the money by his supervisor, upon the return of the supervisor the suspect was nowhere to be found and his mobile was switch off.

Police investigations continue.

Ongwediva: Armed Robbery :

On 03/05/2017 at about 16:00 at Omuthiya, a suspect was arrested with two CZ pistols and six empty money boxes recovered discarded at a water pan in Oshakati. It is alleged that the suspect was connect to the Armed Robbery Case that occurred on 02/05/2017 at about 13:00 at Pep Store in Ongwediva, whereby one of the Security Guards of Falcon Company was hijacked and robbed an amount N$382 282.87.

It is alleged that the security guards were busy collecting money from Pep Stores for banking at the time. Police investigations continue.

Okatope: Murder

On 02/05/2017 at about 22:00 at Ondobe yoshaale Village, Onankali Area, Martin Tweadha Nampila 23-year-old died on the spot after he was allegedly stabbed on the left upper chest by a 58-year-old suspect. It is alleged that the deceased and the suspect had a quarrel before the incident. The next of kin of the deceased is informed. The suspect will appear in court after he is discharged from hospital.

Omuthiya: Murder:

On 03/05/2017 at 14:30 at Naboth Sheeben, Omalola Village, Johannes Johannes 26-year-old Angolan male national was allegedly shot once in the chest with a shot gun by a 30-year-old suspect. It is alleged that the suspect stole the shot gun from his father’s sleeping room. The deceased’s next of kin are informed. The suspect is excepted to appear in court on 05/05/2017 and police investigations continue.

Housebreaking with Intent to steal and theft:

Omaruru: On 02/05/2017 at about 00:30 at Epako Safari Game Lodge, at about 25 KM from Omaruru, unknown suspect(s) stole two white rhino horns valued at N$2 million from the safe after they used an unknown object to open the door and gain entrance into the manager’s house and stole the keys of the safe. Police investigations continue.

Daily Report 12/05/2017 Daily Report 12/05/2017

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