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Head: Force Policy, Planning & DevelopmentDirectorate Head: Force Policy, Planning & DevelopmentDirectorate

Head: Force Policy,  Planning and

 Development Directorate

 Commissioner S.C. Meuwesen

 Tel:+264 61 209 3250


Duties and Responsibilities:

  •  Initiating policies and plans aimed at maximizing efficiency and productivity of the Force;
  • Examining all policies and organisational development aspects relating to the functions of each one of the structures of the force;
  • Undertaking thorough investigations of identified problem areas, including, where necessary, using expertise from both within or outside the force, and timely make recommendations to the Inspector-General of the Namibian Police Force; and
  • Measure, evaluate and monitor the performance of the force with the view to enhancing quality service delivery.

Roles Roles

Force Policy & Research

  • Policy Analysis & Directives
  • Research

Performance evaluation

  • Admin & Crime Evaluation
  • Finance & Logistics evaluation

Management Services

  • Planning & Development
  • Records Management

Project Division

  • Data Management
  • Business Center