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Neighbourhood Watch Group

Too much violence


Why & When Why & When

Why and when was Neighbourhood Watch created?

Neighbourhood Watch in Namibia was started when it was realised that the Police alone could not control the rising crime rate, in particular burglary and related thefts. The support of the public was sought to help reduce crimes such as burglary and theft.

The program has been so successful in preventing crime, Neighbourhood Watch areas servicing both city and rural locations.

Security and Safety concern Security and Safety concern

What is Neighbourhood Watch?

Neighbourhood Watch is a community based crime prevention program that aims at reducing the incidence of preventable crime such as burglary and theft as well as promoting closer community ties.The program educates residents on security and safety and the reporting of suspicious incidents to the Police.

What can you do to assist: What can you do to assist:

The role of the Community

This can be achieved through the following:

  • Report Crimes to the nearest Police Station.
  • Identify crimes that are of concern in your area.
  • Cooperate with the police.
  • Assist in problem solving.
  • initiate & establish crime prevention programmes.



What is Community Policing What is Community Policing

Who should be involved

  Assist in problem solving



Khomas Regional Community Affairs Khomas Regional Community Affairs

Share Information

The Khomas Regional Community Affairs allows the public to send tips (including pictures, video or audio) via text message about criminal activities to the following numbers:

  • +264 81 227 0452
  • +264 811 289 776
  • +264 811 220 627