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Khomas Liaison Officer Khomas Liaison Officer

Community Affair Community Affair


  • Khomas Region is a unique region among all fourteen (14) regions of our country. This is the only region where you will find the Head of State, Cabinet Ministers, Parliament, Embassies and  The Inspector General of Police, that is why i am very proud to be the KHOMAS REGIONAL COMMUNITY AFFAIRS OFFICER where Policing is everyone's responsibility.
  • Geographically Khomas region is very small which occupies a land mass of 36,805km2 with a very high population density of approximately 450, 000. Politically, the region is divided into ten(10) constituencies. While on policing is divided into two(2) categories of Police Stations which are A-Class Police Stations and C-Class Police Stations. The A-Class Police Stations are Windhoek situated at cnr of Banhoff street & Indendepence Avenue Tel:. +264 61 209 4293, Wanaheda situated at cnr of Independence Avenue & Okuvare street Tel:. +264 61 209 6244  and Katutura Police Station situated at Mungunda street Tel:. +264 61 209 5205 while C-class Police Stations are Nauchas situated in Rehoboth Tel:. +264 62 572008, Groot-Aub situated in Groot-Aub Tel:. +264 62 542058, Dordabis situated in Dordabis Tel:. +264 62 573514, Hosea Kutako Tel:. +264 540231 and Kappsfarm Police Station Tel:. +264 61 233063 plus specialized units such as: Serious Crime, Protected Resources unit, Anti-Stock Theft unit, Tourist Protection unit, WACPU, Anti Drug Law unit, Anti-Motor vehicle theft unit and Scene of Crime. The City of Windhoek including all suburbs, locations and informal settlements is divided into nineteen (19) policing zones for the purpose of easy policing and proper crime management.
  • The Police in the region has integrated with the City Police in terms of crime prevention and jointly we have produced a Crime Combating Plan as well as Crime Prevention Tactic guidelines.
  • We are also working closely together with other Law Enforcement agencies like; Immigration, Customs, Correctional Services, NDF, other stakeholders such as security companies, business community, schools, churches, Government and none Governmental organizations and the entire community have assisted the police and continue to do so. Through Community Policing we have managed to establish Neighbourhood Watch groups, as well as Women and Men Network working as volunteers at least in all our constituencies.
  • The Police in Khomas is determined to ensure a proper crime prevention, proper administration, crime detection and investigation in order to ensure crime reduction. Our goals and target for this financial year 2014/2015 we want to reduce crime by 10% every year. Hence we want to see to it that "Policing is everyone's responsibility in KHOMAS REGION".