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Lt.Gen. Sebastian Ndeitunga Lt.Gen. Sebastian Ndeitunga

Together we can connect police for a safer world Together we can connect police for a safer world


The Election Day finally came during which leaders were elected into various positions of the Executive Committee. Before the elections, each candidate for the four positions delivered their campaign speeches, advocating why members states should vote for them and what they intend to achieve or implement should they be elected into those positions. More...

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Lieutenant General Sebastian Haitota Ndeitunga is the Inspector-General of the Namibian Police Force appointed by His Excellency the President of the Republic of Namibia in 2005, with the responsibility, amongst others, to provide leadership to the Namibian Police Force to preserve the internal security of Namibia, maintain law and order, prevent, detect, investigate crimes and/or alleged offences and to protect life and property.

Academic Qualifications Academic Qualifications

Lt.Gen. Ndeitunga holds a Master Degree in Law, a postgraduate diploma in international law, postgraduate certificate in maritime law  obtained from the University of Havana in Cuba, including various other development training and leadership qualifications from higher educational institutes.

L.t.Gen. Sebastian Ndeitunga of the Namibian Police Force L.t.Gen. Sebastian Ndeitunga of the Namibian Police Force

Awards & Decorations Awards & Decorations

Awards and Decorations

During his tenure of office, Lieutenant General Ndeitunga, received the Outstanding Meritorious Service of Highest Order awarded by the President of the Republic of Namibia, SARPCCO Medal for distinct service and the International Leadership Award from the United Kingdom for his outstanding performance, improvement and development of the Namibian Police Force, including his unwavering service, commitment and contributions to the safety and security of the Republic of Namibia, the SADC Region and beyond.

International Obligations International Obligations


Lieutenant General Ndeitunga has also chaired the Southern African Regional Police Chiefs Cooperation Organisation (SARPCCO) in two respective tenures.  He also serves on various forums of INTERPOL, national and statutory bodies of the Namibian Government such as the Security Commission (SC), Criminal Assets Recovery Committee established in terms of the Prevention of Organized Crime Act, 2004, (Act No. 29 of 2004), Cabinet Committee on Defence and Security and International Relations (CCDSIR), Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC), Joint Permanent Commissions on Defence and Security (JPCDS) between Namibia and Angola, Botswana, South Africa and Zambia, and Chairperson of the Public Security Committee. Lieutenant General Ndeitunga was elected in Monaco in September 2014 as the INTERPOL Vice-President for Africa, a portfolio that he would serve for the next three consecutive years.

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