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On Sunday 07 January 2018 at 02:00 at Lucia Street, Greenwell; it is alleged that three (3) unknown men armed with knives robbed the complainant of his taxi, a Silver Toyota Corolla with reg. number N 90625W with big number H593 valued at N$50 000.00.

The vehicle is not recovered yet and no arrests were made so far and Police investigation continues

Between Sunday 31 December 2017 and Thursday 04 January 2018 unknown time, at Katutura location, Opuwo; on Friday 05 January 2018, a 06 year old girl started complaining of the back pain and lower abdomen.

She was taken to Opuwo State Hospital whereby the nurses alerted the Police that she was raped. After further consultations it was detected that the suspect is the biological father (52) who has since been arrested and is expected to appear in Opuwo magistrate court today. Police investigation continues.

On 07 January 2018 at 04:00 at Matsitsi road, Gorengab settlement; it is alleged that the victim 30 years old Namibian female received an SMS from the suspect, the father of her child; threatening that he will kill and burn her house.

The suspect carried out his threats by burning the victim’s house and all her belongings were destroyed inside. No injuries were reported. The suspect is still at large and the hunt to his arrest is underway.

On 07 January 2018 at about 14:20 at FNB ATM, Tal street, Auspanplatz. It is alleged that the suspects pointed the victim (64), a Dutch male tourist with a gun and robbed him of his ATM. Later on, the suspects withdrew N$17 800-00 from the ATM using the complainant’s card.

Three (3) suspects have been arrested in connection with the matter but no recovery of the bob card and money was made. Police investigation continues.

On Friday 05 January 2018 at about 16:00 at Cowboy compound Katima Mulilo Rural constituency. It is alleged that (7) seven suspects were found in possession of 4 (four) elephant tusks. The suspects, two Zambians and four Namibian, aged 36, 39, 49, and 32, 29 and one unknown age were arrested.

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