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Traffic accidents have thus becomes one of the major causes of death in our reasonably small population.

  1. Every month there is accidents reported, this hampers the rapid development in our country in many ways.
  • Namibia has good roads infrastructures and is said to be one of the best in Africa which makes us proud as the nation. The Government has invested a lot and still improving our public roads. We have attracted a number of investors worldwide which is good for our developing country. For example the Port of Walvis Bay has became one of the busiest entry points in Africa due to our improved road network. Some common conducts which leads to accidents on the public roads are: Read more »

Online services for submitting information to the police such as:
  • Online Crime Reporting
  • Submit Community Concerns or Crime Tips
  • Crime Alerts


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Online information available from the police such as:
  • Application for Vehicle Clearance Certificate
  • Application for Certificate of Conduct
  • Application for FireArm License
  • Crime Statistics and Maps
  • Wanted and Missing

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  • get news, crime statistics,
  • community concerns
  • community policing events, maps
  • wanted lists
  • and success stories for your particular neighbourhood.

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